Major Scales

Major Scales

Learning major scales is one of the simpler exercises for guitar. These ideas will work for all types of guitar. The example below deals initially with the F major scale and how to identify the root or tonic notes on the guitar fretboard. Many other scales will be dealt with here and for those guitarists who prefer to read music notation, our charts will definitely help.

If you are taking a UNISA, Trinity College, or ABRSM examination, you will need to buy their scalebook, because of the prescribed rhythmic patterns. The requirements of these examining bodies may change. Playing an incorrect rhythm will affect your score negatively.

Finding the root note F on the guitar.

Knowing where the root or tonic note is located makes it easier to find the chord shape and also play the major, minor, pentatonic or other scales. The F major triad is: F, A and C. The triad may also be inverted as follows: A, C, F and C, F, A.

F Major Scale in open position

Regular practice with scales will help improve your improvisation technique. The F Major scale is illustrated below.

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